Job Costing Module for Pastel Partner / Xpress
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Take Pastel beyond accounting with Job-SYS, a fully integrated Job costing module for Pastel Partner. Job-SYS helps you prepare quotations / estimates for your customers, manage resources, staff, material issuing and purchasing. Compile an invoice and monitor the profitability of each Job / Project.

Manage Resources, Materials and buyouts. Create Jobs from quotation allowing you to monitor estimated values vs the actual values.
Purchasing direct to Jobs. Create purchase orders from jobs based on material requirements, auto stock and cost allocations to job.
Use Pastel’s average cost price, last cost or the actual cost of the item in the job. Selling prices are based on Pastel’s price list, markup percent or a specified selling price.
Create Works orders for goods that need to be manufactured. Issue raw materials, capture production and invoice the customer.
Create bill of material templates that can be used in quotes / jobs and in
the manufacturing process.
Manage jobs with sub projects, this allows for more accurate costing and comparisons between estimated and actual costs to ensure that the job is within budget.
Capture labour by Technician for each Job. This allows for productivity to be monitored by department and for each of the Technicians.
Capture all unit & vehicle details when creating a job. This allows for a complete history of work performed on a unit or vehicle.