Job Costing Module for Pastel Partner / Pastel Xpress

Take Pastel beyond accounting with Job-SYS, a fully integrated Job costing module for Pastel Partner.
Job-SYS helps you prepare quotations / estimates for your customers, manage resources, staff, material issuing and purchasing. Compile an invoice and monitor the profitability of each Job / Project.

Process Flow and Key Features

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Main Features


  • Fully integrated into Pastel Xpress and Pastel Partner – No duplication of data.
  • Update all Job-SYS and Pastel transactions on a real time basis. 
  • Create Bill of Material templates that can be used in future quotations and jobs.
  • Purchase directly for each job. 
  • Store history of each job - to be viewed by means of serial number, unit number, registration number.
  • Allows part invoicing.
  • Track materials and labour.
  • Timesheets – Monitor productivity of Consultants / Technicians.
  • Monitor work in progress.




  • View real time profitability of each Job to ensure action is taken timeously to achieve the estimated profit.
  • Time saving and consistency per type of job.
  • Prevent overstocking as a result of incorrect purchasing. 
  • Real time accounting and inventory records
  • Improve cash flow




  • Job-SYS fully integrates into Pastel Partner and Pastel Xpress. All customer, supplier and stock details are captured in Pastel.
    Job-SYS accesses the information directly from Pastel when the information is required.
  • All financial information, statements, age analysis, cash books, etc are processed in Pastel.
  • Quotations are created in Job-SYS.
  • The costing structure for the quotation consists of one or more projects, this allows for more accurate structured costing.
  • The costing for each project is based on costing categories (Materials, parts, labour, travel, etc).
  • Expected materials, parts, labour, etc needed for the projects are added under the appropriate costing category.
  • The cost price used when adding the item is based on Pastels average cost, last cost, a specified cost price or the actual cost of the item. Projects also have provision to add costs by using a bill of material.
  • The calculation method of the selling prices are based on Pastels price lists, markup over cost price or a specified selling price.
  • Capture all unit & vehicle details when creating a quotation or job. This allows for a complete history of work performed on a unit or vehicle.
  • Accepted quotations are converted to Jobs, this allows for estimated (quoted) values to be compared to the actual values and to be able to monitor the profitability of the job and whether or not the job is within budget.
  • Materials requirements allow for Pastel purchase orders to be generated with an association to the job.
  • When processing supplier invoices in Pastel, the cost of the invoice can be automatically allocated to the associated Job.
  • When issuing stock to a Job, the stock in Pastel is updated and the value of the stock is reflected in the Work in progress account.
  • Capture timesheets and work performed by Technician for each Job. This allows for productivity and efficiency to be monitored by department and for each of the Technicians.
  • Part Invoices can be generated for more than one customer on estimated values (quoted), actual values or a specified amount. Invoice by amount, percentage or quantity.
  • Attach any type of document to a job, ie. Image files, word documents, excel documents, emails, drawings and other customer correspondence. Information pertaining to the job can be viewed at any time.
  • Add Tasks, actions and notes to quotations & Jobs, this allows tasks to be scheduled for employees that need to be attended to by a specific date and time.
  • Allocate disbursements (faxing, emailing, etc) to Jobs. Capture drawing details and revision details in the drawing register.
    Issue drawings to Jobs and print out an issue form.


Jobs / Quotes

Create New Quotations and Jobs. All information pertaining to the customer is read from Pastel and can be changed at anytime.
Job Category allows you to categorise your quotes and jobs and is also used to determine which W.I.P, cost of sales and Sales GL
accounts need to be updated in Pastel. You can even setup a different subset of GL accounts to be used for each Job.



Each Job has to contain at least on Project, this is the section where all the costing is done for the Job.
You are able to load as many projects to the job as needed. Each project is split into various costing
categories (Materials, Labour, Travel, etc) and be
setup as per your requirments.



The Job Summary screen displays all the totals for the Job by costing category and for the job as a whole. The estimated values
(quoted / budget) and the actual values allocated to the job to date. A variance column shows any shortfall or over allocation
for the job. The invoice column shows the value invoiced for the job and wether the value to be invoiced is based on the
quoted or actual values on the job.


Print Quotations

Job-SYS allows you to print quotations. When printing quotations you can use the filter screen to specify the information that you
want to appear on the quotation. This allows for as much or as little information (costing details) to be shown on the quotation as you need.

Sample Quotation (pdf format)


Project Details

Capture all the information pertaining to the project. By specifying a "BOM Code" the estimated materials and labour will automatically be
added to the costing section of the project.

List of Allocations

The View Project screen show all the materials, parts, buyouts, labour, etc required and already allocated to the Job.
The estimated and actual values are shown for each item for comparison purposes and to monitor the progress of the project.


Labour Screen

The labour section of the project shows the estimated labour as well as the actual labour (timesheets) allocated to the project.
The labour is summarised by the various labour types / processes or departments. The Detailed section will show all the
timesheet details that have captured. Labour can also be capture in batch mode and assigned to a Job at a later stage.


Estimated Labour

When quoting, you are able to specify the labour by labour type / process or department. As actual labour is captured the
hours are compared to the estimated hours.


Labour Allocation

Labour is allocated to a project within a Job for a specific technician / artisan / consultant, etc. Actual hours worked are to
calculate the productivity of the person and the hours to be invoiced will appear on the invoice.
Job-SYS also has provision for overtime hours as well.


Issuing / Allocating Materials

When Stock Items are Issued to a Job, the physical stock count in Pastel is updated, as well as the Inventory / Purchase Account.
The total cost value of the item is journaled from the Inventory / Purchase Account to the W.I.P account. You can also override
the cost price of the item. (this will generate a cost price variance journal in Pastel). If there is insufficant stock available you
can click on "Add to Requirements", this will allow you to generate a purchase order for the item linked to the Job.


Unit Details

The Unit Details section of the Job allows you to capture all the information pertaining to the unit. This information is used
to auto-complete creating new Quotation / jobs where the unit details ready exists and can be accessed and changed at anytime.
When searching for quotations and jobs, the unit details can be included in the search criteria.


Action / Note

Create Actions and Notes for users assigned to specific Quotations, Jobs and Projects. Specify the action date and time
that the action needs to be attanded to by.


Inventory Search

Search for Pastel Item codes by Item Code or Descripiton. Use the drop down filters to show items for specific categories.
The item search screen gives you access to the Additional Item Information screen. On this screen you can specify the cost
price , selling price to be used. Assign the item to specific costing categories, etc.

Suppliers Price List

Suppliers price lists are imported into the system. When adding the item to a quote / Job, you have the choice to use the pastel
price or the suppliers price. The discount group determines the cost price from the suppliers list price. The selling price is based
on the calculated cost price applied to 10 different markup percentages.

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